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Crouching Tiger,Hidden Tiger

Director: Ang Lee
Producers: Bill Kong, Hsu Li Kong, Ang Lee
Executive Producers: James Schamus, David Linde
Co-producers: Zheng Quan Gang, Dong Ping
Associate Producers: Philip Lee, Chui Po Chu
Screenplay by: Wang Hui Ling, James Schamus
Based on novel by: Wang Du Lu
Action chereographer: Yuen Wo-Ping
Editor: Tim Squyres
Cinematographer: Peter Pau
Music by: Tan Dun
Cello Solo by:Yo-yo Ma
Theme Music sang by: Coco Lee
Costume designer:Tim Yip

Picture Gallery
Click on thumbnails for a larger image.Please excuse some of the poor image as the ome were taken from newspaper sources.

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