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Monthly John Woo Poll

Ok,after much delay the new poll to the regular John Woo Poll is finally up. The reason for the delay is that I have been tied down with a lot of college work and also ran out of ideas for the poll (not to mention that I recently started work on my new Ringo Lam fansite). Anyway here is the new poll...

Which ending to Bullet In The Head do you prefer ?

Bullet In The Head remains as one of John Woo's most talk-about film mainly because of the different versions surfacing around.These different versions contains different cut of the film as well as two different ending to the film.
Now I'm not going to give a description on the two endings as it just might spoil it for the other fans who haven't seen both endings.
The endings are divided into :

Car-chase sequence
This is the ending available to most versions of Bullet In The Head except the Hong Kong Video CD which contains the latter ending.

Boardroom Meeting
I must say I prefer this ending to the film,as it's pretty much in the same line as the rest of the film: dark and bleak. It's nice to see how Ben and Paul play "reverse roles" to an earlier scene of the film though some might agrue it made Ben look more like the villian at the end.

Monthly John Woo Poll
Which ending to

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