Film Credits
Director:John Woo
Producer:John Ryan
Writer:Peter Lance
Executive Producers:John Woo,Terence Chang,Christopher Godsick,Peter Lance
Director of Photography:Bill Wong
Production Designer:Karen Bromley

Production Notes
This is John Woo most recent directorial effort before the much-anticipated Mission Impossible 2. However, like Once A Thief TV Pilot, this is a TV pilot which means a much smaller budget and the film is more of an introduction to the characters and story rather than a film by itself.
There is a good detailed write-up on the filming of Blackjack in Christopher Heard's John Woo biography entitled Ten Thousands Bullet:The Cinematic Journey of John Woo,however I would definitely NOT recommend the book.The book offers nothing new to Woo fanboys and most of the book seems to be taken from another source (press kits,DVD extras,magazine cover stories) except the last chapter which Heard writes about his experience on the set of Blackjack.But if you have some extra cash to spend, you can pick up the book skip the first half and jump straight to the write-up on Blackjack.

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