A Selected John Woo Filmography

A Better Tomorrow(1986)

Ah Ho:"Do you believe in God?"
Mark:"I'm God"

Just Heroes(1987)

A Better Tomorrow II(1987)

Ken:"To you rice is nothing but for us ,rice like our father and mother.So don't fuck with my family!"

The Killer(1989)

Jeff:"The world is changing so fast, we don't belong here anymore because we are too nostalgic"
Sidney:"Perhaps nostalgic is our saving-grace"

Bullet In The Head(1990)

Paul:"I can make more money, and you can always make new friends"

Once A Thief(1991)

Jim:"It's takes two to tango"
Hard Boiled(1992)

Mad Dog:"There are two kinds of people I depise;one is a cop and the other is one who kills their own boss...you have no morals!"
Hard Target(1993)

Carmine:"You seems to have a real talent for attracting violence"
Chance:"Does that makes me a bad person?"

Broken Arrow(1995)

Hale:"This isn't a standoff....I got the gun!"

Once A Thief US TV Pilot (1996)


Archer:"You can't give back what you taken from me..."
The Replacement Killers(1998)

John:"I'm a soldier,I can't run away from battle...from what I'm"

"There's no better backup in a firefight!"

The Big Hit(1998)

Cisco:"Melvin,the hundred or so people that you murder over the past year more or less have relatives who don't think too highly of you"

Mission Impossible 2(2000)

Dr.Nechovich:"A search for a great hero must begin with something every hero requires: a villian"

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