Did You Know?

A collection of strange,interesting(yet sometimes useless) facts on John Woo's films.

A Better Tomorrow

1.Mark's legendary speech at the bar was actually a real-life experience for actor Chow Yun Fat while he was in Thailand with buddy director Ringo Lam (director of Chow's City on Fire and Full Contact)
2.This is not related to the film but rather to the actors.Actors Leslie Cheung and Ti Lung actually team-up for another heroic blooshed film not directed by John Woo called True Colours.I have seen the film on video but have yet to watch it.Anyone with more information on this,please contact me at yeowh@pl.jaring.my
Chow Yun-Fat and Ti Lung,of course team-up the heroic bloodshed film,City War
3.Chow's character Mark was so popular that Chow continues to reprise the role in tv commerials and was also featured in several Hong Kong comicbooks.
4.The scene where Chow's character Mark gets brutually beat-up by Ah Shing's men was intially toned too violence. But John Woo went all out to ensure that the scene remain intact with the film.Woo dicuss with the people at the censorship board that he felt it was important to show just how far these gangster are willing to go.
5.The role played by Chow was intially supposed to be a small role but John Woo immediatly notice Chow's talent and re-work the script to give him a bigger part in the film.

A Better Tomorrow II

1.John Woo intially wanted to do a prequel about Ho and Mark early years in the syndicate but producer Tsui Hark disagree with the idea.Woo once again brought up the idea for part III but was once again rejected. John Woo finally re-wrote the script and turn it into a three-friend story set in Vietnam called Bullet in the Head.
2.John Woo and Tsui Hark each played a part in editing the film for the final release but neither one knew about the other's work.As a result,the plotline for the film is confusing and contains lotsa of potholes.

The Killer

1.The beginning of the film was supposed to be set in a bar where Chow's character Jeff is playing a saxophone while he flashes back on how the whole incident happened.Producer Tsui Hark didn't like the idea as he felt that HK audiences weren't into jazz music so the intro was changed. John Woo kept the idea for his 1992 film,Hard Boiled.
2.About 18 mins of deleted footages were restored in the Taiwanese release dubbed with Mandarin subtitles.John Woo didn't like the longer version and insisted that the HK release is closer to the director's vision
3.The story was originally supposed to be a love triangle between the three main characters similar to Once A Thief.The character Jennie was also supposed to be very strong, very brave and very smart, even though she's blind but actress Sally Yeh didn't devote much time to the film so Woo decide to focus on the male-bonding instead.
4.The film is loosely on Jean-Pierre Melville's"Le Samourai" .The scene in the bar where Jeff first meets Jennie before proceeding to the backroom was a direct homage to the film.
5.A US remake is rumour to be going into production pretty soon.No,John Woo will not be directing the remake and neither will Chow Yun Fat be starring in it.There are talks that the remake will star Denzel Washington and Richard Gere.

Bullet In The Head

1.There are two different endings for the film,one is the boardroom ending where Ben shoots Paul in the head while the other is the "car joust" ending.
It's seems that the boardroom ending was meant to be the original ending to the film but the test audiences didn't like it so Woo had to change it to the "car joust" ending. The boardroom ending very difficult to locate and can be found on a VCD only with a host of other deleted scenes.

Hard Boiled

1.The film had the highest dead count in any John Woo film.By the time the credits rolled,the dead count had reached close to 300 people.
2.During the exciting climax of the film,John Woo decided to use real explosions for the scene where Chow runs down a burning hallway. Unfortunately,the driector decided to keep it a secret from Chow so Chow's expressions during the scene was real and the actor was so frighten that he threw his guns down after the take and asked John:Are you happy now?

Hard Target

1.Many of the action scenes at the end of the film was re-work from another John Woo classic,Hard Boiled.For exmaple:the scene where Natasha(Yancy Bulter) shoots a guy after being slapped and called a "bitch" was directly taken from a similar scene in Face/Off.
3.Hard Target Writer/Producer Chuck Pfarrer had a small role in the film, playing Natasha's father Douglas Binder at the start of the film. Ted Rammi(TV series:SeaQuest) also happens to have a cameo role,playing one of the bystanders who ignored Elijah Roper asking for help(remember:I ain't got no change,pal!) It's seems that Ted's cousin, Sam Rammi is the co-producer of the film.
4.Many of the film's action scenes end up in the cutting floor because it was toned too violence.A director's cut with 20 mins of restored footage is rumoured to be in working progress.Europe release of Hard Target contains a couple minutes of restored footage.


1.Face/Off was supposed to be Chow Yun Fat Hollywood debut.The actor had a small part playing a cop in the police force.Of course,that never happened but the asian cop role remain intact and was played by Margaret Cho.
2.John Woo wanted a dark and sinister ending for Face/Off rather than the typical Hooywood-style ending.Woo wanted to leaving audiences wondering if the Sean Acher that returned home at the end was the real Sean or... Castor Troy?
3.Actor Nicolas Cage who played Castor Troy is a big fan of Chow Yun-Fat. John Woo originally asked Cage to decide on the make-up for the beginning of the film.Cage decide to don a moutache,similar to the famous assassination scene in The Killer.
4.Wizard of Oz is one of John Woo's fav films which is no suprise that theme song for the film was played over the background during one of the shoot-out in the film