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First of all,I apologize for the lack of updates to this page, links ain't exactly my main priority when I update my webpage. Here are a collection of some of the fanpages dedicated to John Woo, much like my own. If you have a John Woo fanpage that isn't link to mine, e-mail me and I will list it down with the rest.

An excellent website run by my friend, Vesa Jalkanen who have helped me a lot when I first started out on my own webpage.One of the most complete John Woo website I have seen on the net, complete with detailed filmography, picture and sound gallery and anything a John Woo fan could ever ask for.

Bullet On The Web

One of the first and still the best John Woo fanpage around. You may not find much if you visit the webpage right now but once Jeff Koga gets his fanpage up and running, and I can bet you will be amazed as well.

Hard Boiled - The Cinema of John Woo

Another excellent John Woo website.

Heavy-Handed God of Directors: A Tribute to John Woo

One of the newest edition to the ever-growing webpage devoted to John Woo, Mr.Blue offers his views on John Woo films as well as some of his other favourite Hong Kong films.

For A Few Bullets More

A pretty simple webpage with reviews on some of John Woo’s better works.

The Heroic Bloodshed Page
Nothing much here except a couple of links to other John Woo fanpages.
John Woo,A God Among Director

Like the title suggests,John Woo is simply a god for action movie fans.

The John Woo + Tsui Hark ACTION WEB

One of the better-looking John Woo/Tsui Hark webpages around,produced by Daniel Wang.Check out his intensive collection of John Woo/Tsui Hark movie posters. Special note:Daniel was kind enough to allow me to put up some of his John Woo movie posters.Thanks again Daniel!

John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat:A Better Tomorrow

A webpage named after one of John Woo's best work.This site is only designed for Koreans but you can still view the pics on the gallery section.

The Final Bullet

This webpage is still in development but things looks pretty promising.Do take part in his poll on John Woo's best movie.

John Woo's Once A Thief

Finally...a webpage devoted to one of John Woo's most underated work,Once A Thief.I luv the original Hong Kong film with Chow Yun Fat and thought the TV Pilot was pretty cool too. This webpage is focus on saving the TV series from being axed.So if you are a John Woo fan,go over there now and help save the series.

Chow Yun Fat Page

My favourite Chow Yun Fat webpage.This website has everything a die-hard Yun Fat fan could ask for.. fan poll,great images and movie reviews.It's just a shame that it's not updated more regularly.
Chow Yun Fat Page

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